LoveLee Bakeshop is composed of the dynamic duo Leah Jones and Lee Mazor. Leah and Lee met working together at 1826 Restaurant and Lounge. Being two of the few women in the kitchen they formed a friendship and always pushed and inspired each other to be their best in this man dominated industry. When the discussion of running their own bakery and cafe together came about, they both knew its what they were meant to do with their future.


Lee Mazor

Some recipes take longer to perfect than others. For Lee Mazor, the same can be said about finding her true passion — baking and pastry making. After leading a successful business career in Miami, she traded board meetings for mixing bowls and set off to New York.

Lee attended The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and trained under Chef Francisco Migoya, one of the top ten pastry chefs in the U.S. at the time. Chef Migoya taught cutting-edge pastry techniques, as well as how to properly run a bakeshop — invaluable skills that have helped Lee succeed both in and out of the kitchen.

Armed with a whisk and a dream, Lee returned to South Florida and worked at an array of impressive establishments, including The Four Seasons Resort, Hakkasan and Gotham Steak in the Fontainebleau. She was encouraged to further explore her culinary talents in independent restaurants, which led to her working as a pastry chef under a two-star Michelin chef in Miami Beach at 1826 Restaurant. From there, she joined the ranks of the talented staff at 32 East in Delray Beach and then eventually moved on to working at a local bakery in Fort Lauderdale. Lee has always imagined opening up her own bakery and cafe in Fort Lauderdale, a location which she loves and has always felt was lacking what she knew she had.

Lee’s goal of owning her own business was ever-present, and it culminated in the creation of Lovelee Bakeshop. Now that the thought of opening a bakery and cafe is slowly becoming a reality, Lee knew the perfect person (Leah) to reach out to who would make savory food that would perfectly compliment the baked goods at LoveLee Bakeshop.

Leah Jones

Leah Jones, lovingly known to her family as Lee, is a very talented chef hailing from Jamaica. Her parents were a big influence on Leah, as she grew up around food and cooking. Her parents would insist that Leah and her siblings helped them in the kitchen from a very young age, whether it be by peeling garlic, picking ackee, or washing the dishes. Leah was later anointed her mom's official taste tester and eventually graduated to plantain fryer.

Her parents were a large reason she became a chef, but there was another that led her to fall in love with the culinary industry. At a very young age, on most days after school between Power Rangers and The Magic School Bus, Leah was able to fit in a cooking show series on PBS called Great Chefs of the World. Through this show she watched as chefs across the world used ingredients she had never seen before and could only imagine how they tasted. Leah grew wanting to learn more and in her senior year of high school she only applied to culinary schools and universities that offered such programs.

Before graduating Leah decided to work at a local restaurant for the summer to try working in the industry outside from cooking at home and seeing if it was really for her. This only enforced her passion and after graduating high school, she went on to attend Johnson and Wales university in Providence, Rhode Island. She received her Bachelors degree in Culinary Arts , went back home to work and even though Jamaica is very multicultural, she felt there was still more to learn outside of her country. Having family in Miami, moving to South Florida was an easy decision and helped catapult Leah into the amazing chef she is today.

Leah started her culinary journey working as chef de partie for Azul in the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. From here she jumped into the opportunity to work at 1826 Restaurant and Lounge and helped in creating memorable modern dishes. This is where she got the attention of James Beard nominated chef, Brad Kilgore, and assisted him in opening one of the top restaurants in Miami, Alter. Leah grew as a chef working for 3 years in Alter, exceeding in her role as sous chef under the reigns of an amazing chef, even covering the pastry station when needed. At this time Leah decided the next obvious step was to put her talent into something she could have her own name on. After much discussion of how they can expand their careers together, Leah joined Lee in growing LoveLee Bakeshop. In order to merge her love of food with her love of pastries, Leah will be starting off this part of the journey creating savory pastries that people will be waking up in the morning dreaming of.